Refreshingly American Spring Water

Our Origins

Our Origin story begins at the springs where our water is responsibly sourced. We care deeply about the natural springs where our water comes from, which is why we are routinely evaluating not only our water quality, but also the land and environment surrounding our spring sites. Our dedicated team of natural resource managers help to oversee our land conservation efforts and monitor the long-term sustainability of our springs through evaluation of the relevant geology, hydrogeology, spring flow rates, and precipitation rates. We work closely with regulatory agencies, governing authorities, and many other stakeholders to ensure we are doing all the right things to provide you with quality, responsibly sourced spring water.

Deer Canyon Springs, CA

Located in Southern California within the magnificent San Gabriel Mountain side, Deer Canyon is rugged but beautiful. From the slopes of the Cucamonga peak at 8,000 feet, you have a clear view of Los Angeles, San Bernardino County, the Santa Ana mountains, and even the Pacific Ocean on a clear sunny day. Deep within the canyon, there are natural cold springs formed by the historic San Antonio fault where the ORIGIN water is collected after having been filtered by nature. From these springs originating deep in the San Gabriel mountains, our water then flows through a 17-mile long underground sanitary pipeline, directly to our Ontario, California canning facility. Here we carefully carbonate the spring water, add natural flavors, and package it into the beautifully designed cans you see on store shelves. We take pride in conserving Deer Canyon. It is cared for by our natural resource managers who help to watch over the ecology of the area. To ensure we are protecting this environment, the area is regularly surveyed by a team of biologists, hydrogeologists, engineers and scientists to collect data and ensure the integrity of the ecosystem.

White Cedar Springs, ME

Next, we have White Cedar Spring located in Dallas Plantation, Franklin County, Maine. This spring sits in the expansive Redington Stream watershed north of Saddleback Mountain. It is a geologically fascinating site situated within a drainage basin that is approximately 11,200 acres in size and has been filled with sand and gravel sediments due to the recession of the continental ice sheet that occurred between 11,000 and 13,200 years ago. To conserve this rich history, we ensure our spring water withdrawals are sustainable by working closely with the Maine Land Use Planning Commission and Department of Health and Human Services (the Maine Drinking Water Program) to meet their regulations. Additionally, we work with independent scientists regularly to monitor the groundwater system, springs, wetlands, and surface water bodies located in and around the White Cedar Springs aquifer with long term sustainability in mind to make sure there are no adverse effects on the groundwater, surface water, or natural environments within the valley’s watershed. This is the sort of deliberate, and mindful care for the spring water that goes into ORIGIN’s *100% recycled plastic bottles. (*excludes cap and label)

Frontier Springs, PA & MD

Lastly, we have a diverse network of natural springs within Pennsylvania and Maryland where we source water for our *100% recycled plastic sparkling .5L bottles. We refer to this group of springs as the Frontier Springs, and their locations range from eastern Pennsylvania to western Maryland. Despite the group of spring sites’ unique characteristics and individual ways in which they are managed, we keep one thing consistent; our dedication to water quality and land preservation. Across these springs and the relevant surrounding areas we routinely monitor spring flows, precipitation rates, geology, and hydrogeology to compile the data necessary to make informed decisions to ensure the spring water use is sustainable. (*excludes cap and label)